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Human Ethics and Animal Rights – a course for teachers (Grades R – 12)

SACEEndorsed by The South African Council of Educators (SACE).
Provider Number: PR13247
10 CPTD points

The online course, Human Ethics and Animal Rights, published by the Animal Voice Academy, reflects our modern understanding of the relationship between ourselves and animals.

Specially designed for teachers, this course brings a comprehensive understanding to:
• The link between animal abuse and child abuse
• The link between animal abuse and domestic violence
• The erosion of empathy and its connection with bullying and gangsterism
• How the building blocks of empathy are central to our learning experience
• Why a full bench of Constitution Court judges point out that ‘animal protection safeguards the moral status of humans and the degeneration of human values’

As professionals whose work often involves dealing with bullying, aggression, rudeness and violence, this course provides teachers with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play. The course further empowers teachers to bring about a change in mind-set in the classroom, to the benefit of society at large.

YvettePretoria Life Orientation teacher Yvette Wepener comments: “I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative and I was amazed at the cost of euthanasing all the unwanted dogs and cats. The kids in my class all want to be millionaires and they will definitely be interested in the fact that animal neglect and abuse is something that costs the nation a lot of money!”

Course cost: R299

Duration: Expect to spend about 8 hours to complete the course at your own convenience.

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CPTD Points

The South African Council of Educators (SACE) has accredited our online teachers’ course in Human Ethics and Animal Rights with 10 CPTD POINTS.

CPTD stands for Continuing Professional Teacher Development and is a component of professional advancement in today’s fast-changing world.

It is a mechanism whereby educators can upgrade their knowledge, skills and employability by demonstrating that they are keeping abreast with the times.

Accreditation of our course means it has passed SACE’s meticulous quality assurance process.

Teachers can earn 10 of these points by taking our online course in the convenience of their own homes.

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