Caring Kids


Title: Caring Kids
Author: Pandora Alberts and Peta Jones
Learning Area: Literacy, Languages,
Life Skills
Grades: 2 – 6
Language: English
Type of Resource: Fiction
Description: Compilation of short stories.

Caring Kids is also available in Afrikaans: Kinders wat Omgee
isiXhosa: Abantwana Abanenkathalo
Also in Sesotho, SeTswana, isiZulu



Messages empower learners to care and
understand the needs of companion
animals. Delightful illustrations. The stories
relate to our interaction with dogs, cats,
goats, pigs and donkeys.

Inside the book:

“Tebogo’s mother bought some flea power at the shop. ‘Put some of this on her and wash her bedding,’ said the man behind the counter. Tebogo and his mother did as the man said, but Lana went on scratching.
Worse still, people began to look at Lana and laugh. ‘Look at Tebogo’s dog!’ they shouted. ‘Tebogo, your dog is naked!'”


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