Classroom Pack – Donate a Kit


Help equip a primary school close to your heart with a fun and interactive Classroom Pack and we will provide the teacher with one year of support and guidance.

Your Classroom Pack includes:

  1. Instruction for teachers on how to use the kit!
  2. 74 – page Teacher’s Guide manual – Foundation Phase (4 terms)
  3. 6 mini story books
  4. Mini colouring-in book
  5. 40-piece card game: ‘The needs we share’
  6. Full colour, 20 large piece puzzle
  7. Reader: Caring Kids (six stories)
  8. Puppet play script and 4 dog puppets
  9. Felt cut-out ‘animal care’ pack and board
  10. ‘The Five Freedoms’ A3 laminated poster



Question: Why should you donate this kit to a primary school of your choice?

Answer: Because social scientists agree that the critical role of empathy in our society has been overlooked and that the erosion of empathy is a critical global issue of our time. This pack is designed to nurture and build empathy in young learners so that empathy becomes second nature as they grow older. Internationally acknowledged expert on the Link between animal abuse and human violence, Phil Arkow of The Latham Foundation, says: “Kindness to animals is the first and truly foundational step that supports all the other steps above it in the building of compassionate and empathic communities, countries, nations and a new world ethos.”


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