Magnificent Boy and the Spirit of the Grey Hare


Title: Magnificent Boy and the Spirit of the Grey Hare
Author: Louise van der Merwe
Learning Area: Languages, Natural Sciences, Economic and
Management Sciences, Life Skills
Grades: 6 – 7
Language: English
Type of Resource: Fiction
Description: Short novel.
Colour illustrations.

Magnificent Boy is also available in
Afrikaans: Mannetjieshond en die Gees van die Vaalhaas


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This novel traces the amazing adventures shared
between two disadvantaged beings –
a boy and a dog – on the farmlands of the Cape winelands.
Delightful illustrations.

Evaluation by Northern Cape Education
Department as follows: A very moving story about
Boy, the dog, and Boetie who lived with his
grandfather on a farm. Boetie befriends Boy who
is taken to the SPCA shelter after a storm. He is
reunited with Boetie after his grandfather dies.

Assessment: Teachers can develop own assessment activities.
Layout and Design: Good style and easy language suitable for
learners from different backgrounds.
Appropriate values and principles are addressed.
Results: Approved.

Inside the book:

“Boy ran round the shack door, ears cocked, waiting. Then joyfully he bounded to greet Boetie, whining in pleasure, giving small sneezes of delight, prancing in a delirium of excitement.”

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English, Afrikaans


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