The Great Cage Escape


Title: The Great Cage Escape
Author: Louise van der Merwe
Learning Area: Literacy, Languages,
Life Orientation
Grades: 4 – 7
Language: English
Type of Resource: Fiction
Description: Short novel. Colour illustrations.



The birds in a pet shop think they are
happy until a brown box punched full of air
holes is left overnight on their front door
step. The creature inside looks very weird
at first. But as his feathers begin to grow,
his true identity becomes apparent, and
the stories he tells inspire the pet shop
birds to pull off a Great Cage Escape. This is
a story that encourages respect for all
forms of life and helps learners realise that
heaven can be right here on earth if we
choose to make it so.

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Inside the book:

“Mr O slipped his hand into the mitt, reached inside the box and pulled out a creature like nothing we had seen before. He placed it quickly into a big bird cage and shut the door.
“What is it?” asked Becca.
“Well, it’s got a big beak and two big bird-like feet,” observed Mr O. “But no feathers,” mused the girl. “Just a wrinkly crinkly pink skin with little spikes sticking out, like a hedgehog or a porcupine.”


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