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Rekindling the spirit of care and respect for life.

Welcome to the world of building ethics and empathy as part of everyday learning in schools around South Africa – because that’s what this platform is all about!

Caring Classrooms provides a trove of resources for teachers, learners and parents, such as readers, games, posters, puppets, teaching guides and more! We also offer a SACE endorsed online course worth 10 CPTD points for teachers.

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Our Teachers Guides, for grades 1-12, are curriculum aligned in the Life Skills and Life Orientation learning areas. Listed as Teacher Resources in the Department of Education's 2019 Library Catalogue

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Resources include board games, activities, readers and more - a fun and wonderful way to teach our children ethics through animal welfare

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Comments from the Education Department

Dr Nazli Domingo-Salie
Deputy Chief Education Specialist: Institutional Management and Governance Planning (IMGP), Western Cape Education Department:

Dr Domingo-Salie initiated the deeply valued support of other members of the WCED.

She described our puppet programme as “wonderful”.

Makhosandile Ndzuzo
Director: Institutional Management and Governance Planning at the Western Cape Education Department:

“This is a brilliant concept to infuse into any school’s learning programme. It ties in very well with the values of human dignity and human rights. Incidentally it ties in neatly with a sermon I listened to on Saturday which was about “compassion and caring”. We can only care and be compassionate when we put ourselves in the place of the marginalised and despised. One part of the sermon spoke to a documentary about animal care. The preacher went to the extent of giving the theme ‘seeing life through the lenses of animals’.

“Congratulations on this wonderful work!”

Warda Conrad
Director: Directorate Business Strategy and Stakeholder Management, Western Cape Education Department:

“This afternoon we have spent the most divine hour at Forest Heights Primary watching a Grade 3 class doing the value of empathy and in particular they focused on empathy with animals. They did a play and we watched, and we saw the kids engaging with the little puppets and they were absolutely fantastic.

“The department has embarked on a transformation of sorts re-igniting values in education, values driven learning, values driven everything. We are trying to transform the way children think about themselves in the community and themselves in relation to others and one of those things that we are focusing on is values.

“The fact that the school is doing it to this extent is actually very, very, very heart-warming and I would love to see the programme extended into other schools as well.”

The Five Freedoms for Animals are central to our learning programmes:

• Freedom from Hunger and Thirst

• Freedom from Discomfort

• Freedom from Pain, Injury and Disease

• Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour (i.e. not to be caged)

• Freedom from Fear and Distress 

5 freedoms

See an excerpt of a Grade 3 class enjoying a puppet presentation of the Five Freedoms for Animals

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